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What is the Ocean Navigator

Ocean Navigator is a visualization application for digital ocean information that was developed to make numerical ocean environment prediction estimates and in-situ ocean observation available to end users. It includes a number of different variables such as temperature and ocean currents. The tool is designed for any user; be it a researcher writing a technical paper, or a hobbyist interested in the oceans.

For help in using the Ocean Navigator please see the User Guide.

Objective of Portal

This portal is designed to enable the discovery and accessibility of ocean data from ocean prediction systems and ocean observations. Operational prediction systems from Canada and other global systems are available via this tool. Several other sources of data are available, including, CLASS4 validation data sources and limited observational data.

Recommended Use of Data

These datasets are not intended for navigational purposes. It is expected that users of this portal will have an interest in oceanographic data and the intention is to provide oceanographic context for a wide range of users.

Data Producer Responsibility

The developers are not responsible for the use made of the data made accessible via this portal, or errors or omissions that potentially may occur in the data sets. While we aim to make accessible the most recent and up to date data, occasionally a delay in the data feed to the portal may be experienced. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the data is used appropriately.

It is recommended you familiarize yourself with the documentation provided by the data provider. If there are any questions please contact us.

Identification of Data Sources

Use of the downloaded data should identify the original source of the data per data provider citation guidelines. Plots downloaded from the portal will have a reference to the original data source.

Suggested citation for products (i.e. plots, spreadsheets) generated by this application:
(dataset name), https://navigator.oceansdata.ca, (year) Example:
GIOPS daily averages, https://navigator.oceansdata.ca, 2023
If you would like further information about how to reference the data sources that the Ocean Navigator uses please contact us.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or potential issues with the Navigator!